medical university in ukraine

Ukraine has thousands of medical students and more of it Indian students who are pursuing their medicine. These students, by opting Ukraine as their country for further studies have made Ukraine the hub for medicine. The emerging study country has been very helpful to all the students in terms of pricing and many other benefits. They even allow you to do the part-time job along with study so that they can afford their educational and other expenses for their living. Every medical study has almost 5 – 6 years of education with 50% passing marks in their 12th as their eligibility to enter any university in Ukraine. The topmost or the best medical university in Ukraine today is Bogomolets National Medical University and Ternopil State Medical University.

1. Bogomolets National Medical University-
Established in the year 1841, the university has been the choice of thousands of the students from all over the world. A government university with the accreditation given by the Ministry of Health and Education. These medical universities help students in getting confirmed visa, cheap air tickets too. They assist you in every manner you need. The culture and people in Ukraine are more helpful and friendly than any other country. The student not only loves to complete his/her medicine in Ukraine but also enjoys the tradition and culture which attracts many. The students will love to live the traditional way of Ukrainians. These students are not only from India but from different countries that choose to stay in Ukraine and study medicine. Once Bogomolets National Medical University gives out the degree, it is valid and recognized by the UNESCO, MCI and throughout Europe and also many other international organizations. One of the very few universities which have been approved with the National level status for MBBS in Ukraine. All the lecturers and professors offer English, Russian, and Ukrainian levels of teaching to make the student comfortable in learning. These lecturers, Doctors, and professors are highly qualified.

2. Ternopil State Medical University –
This University has been ranked first among the medical universities in Ukraine. The Ukraine Ministry of Health has raked this university on the top for the student’s best education in medicine. In the eyes of the Ministry of Health and Education, the accreditation level is awarded the fourth highest of all. Field education, latest technologies, and the best lecturers put together makes this university of Ternopil State the best and worth taking admission which would not only increase your knowledge but also give you a practical exposure. The medical faculty comprises of the top members who include Honorary Physicians, Honorary workers of Science and Technology, and the members of the Academy of Medical Science of Ukraine. These highly qualified and knowledgeable faculty members undoubtedly share their experiences and help the students gain the best in the exams and become the best doctors in the world. They hold a very simple process of admission which includes a few necessary documents, a valid visa and a copy of the fee charges paid.

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