Pursuing MBBS is a dream of many students in India and abroad. This can be fulfilled only if you have sufficient funds and admission to correct college or university in any country. Selection of a destination is really important if you want to settle down for future. Once settled you may get immense exposure and knowledge. If you are looking for best economic and affordable study in abroad for MBBS course then we have few suggested places in the world for you to choose.

Medicine has always been on top in India and abroad when it comes to choosing a profession for further studies. Their aim towards it is high and commendable as the profession of Medicine itself is noble and respected. Georgia is the best destination for pursuing MBBS. The best university among all is the DTMU located in the capital city Tbilisi. They have developed the best structural design of the course according to the criteria best suited.

Year after year the number of students for medical education abroad is increasing as India touches a high rise in the cost of education. Interestingly, it is Georgia which gets the biggest population of students to study medicine. One of the major factors why Georgia is most popular among the medical education is because the aspirants are able to afford the cost of education as the country is highly subsidized by the ministry of public health.

For several crime reasons in other countries, many Indians have been feeling a threat to live there and the same time since a decade there has been another option open for the Indian students in the former republic of the Soviet Union –Georgia.

There are many top-ranked universities in Georgia like IvaneJavakhishvili, International Black Sea and David Tvildiani Medical University in Tbilisi, the most famous university for Medical courses past decade. The fees are so lower compared to the US, nearly one-tenth of the cost.

Students who come here to study might feel like the city Tbilisi is not developed like other but the life like in Georgia is really wonderful. Much cleaner, greener and less crowded. The University of MBBS has been developed in such a way that after graduation, the students can either take up another course they offer or even start practicing. But this is only possible because of the pass out ratio they have and the process of teaching which gives you immense knowledge and practice. The classrooms are well equipped and local transport is cheaper than self-driving.

Food and stay are very much near to India but they also have a huge campus for the students to live in with all the safety measures in mind. English is widely spoken there even by the locals so it becomes easy for outsiders to communicate. Many Indians who have shifted to Georgia are happy settling there and satisfied with the people as they are very friendly in nature and also they respect every tradition and culture.

In the end, they are well educated, graduated from reputed university and settled back home with good jobs.

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