1. There has been a trend among Indian students recently to go abroad for studying medicine. Naturally, students are in search of good colleges and universities abroad where they can avail of quality education. Besides quality, the other factors that students have to consider are fee structure and the reliability of the institution. Although the students join medical colleges in other countries, very few of them settle abroad; most of them have plans to return to India and make a career in medicine.

2. As medical courses in countries like China, Russia, Ukraine, Philippines, and Georgia are in great demand, there is a network of agents who try to identify aspirants and arrange to send them for MBBS abroad. These agents help the students throughout the process, right from choosing the college, the country, confirming admission, arranging for hostel facility and visa. Of course, they charge heavily for their services. Very often, the agents get a commission from the institutes where they send students.

3. The institutes either hide some vital facts or misguide the agents, who in turn misguide students. The agents are only interested in their commission and do not care what happens to the students after the procedure is completed. The students discover when it is too late that the universities that they join abroad are not authorized by the Medical Council of India.

4. While we conclude on this article for those who are looking for MBBS admission in Medical University abroad for getting your MBBS in Russia, China or Georgia you must know that studies in DTMU are based on the American syllabus. Students here study the same curriculum which is taught in The US, from Kaplan books.

5. David Tvildiani Medical University students are also entitled to sit for the USMLE, United States Medical Licensing Examination, step 1 after completing five semesters (2.5 years), and step 2 after completing 10 semesters (5 years) of college. Most of the graduates from DTMU pass the USMLE exams and go to The US for further studies and work there. This opportunity of studying from the best of the syllabus and then going to the US and start working there is possible for the students of DTMU only.

6. No other college in the entire region of East Europe provides such as the possibility for its students. This means that there is no comparison between education at DTMU (Georgia) and any other university in Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, China or the Philippines.

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