Studying MBBS from Georgia has become highly popular from the last decade among Indian students as this country has the highest number of state-governed medical colleges. There are many Indian students who visit Georgia for pursuing various medical courses as it has some of the world’s preeminent medical universities in the entire world. The good thing about studying a medical course in this country is that it has extremely low tuition fee in comparison to US, UK and many of the European countries. The learner who wants to pursue the MBBS course from one of the esteemed medical universities of Georgia is fully qualified to work as a practitioner in any part of the world after the completion of the medical course.

So for all those students who are looking for a viable and cost-effective option for studying medicine abroad, Georgia is the best option. This country is a pioneer in the specialized field of surgery and the surgeons it produces are remarkably the best. Georgia holds the fourth position in the Europe continent for producing the greatest number of postgraduates in the field of medicine.
Few of the top medical universities of Georgia.

David Tvildiani medical university

This University is one of the esteemed for the medical studies in entire Central Europe. When the students pursue the medical courses from this university, they can easily clear the examination which is conducted by MCI (Medical Council of India).It is the first private medical university in the country which has its inception in the year 1993.

Caucasus International University

This educational institution in the country has already received several of the accreditations in between the year 2005 to 2007. The medical courses of this educational organization have been authorized as well as accredited for a period of five years itself in 2012.

Tbilisi State Medical University

It comes in the category of the highest ranking state-supported educational organization in the entire Europe continent. The medium of instruction is English for all its medical programs. This is what makes it quite popular among the Indian students who are looking for foreign education abroad.
Why study MBBS in Georgia?

The medical colleges and universities of this country are well recognized by the leading global organizations like W.H.O, UNESCO, medical council of India (MCI) along with the medical council of many other of the countries worldwide. The medium of instruction in almost all the medical schools is English which makes it easier for Indian students to adapt to the new environment. The cost of accommodation and traveling to this country is quite cheap for the students. Apart from the top quality of education and infrastructure, the learners get international exposure through the various international exchange programs and conferences. Since the medical degree from this country is recognized by the medical council of India (MCI), therefore the pass outs can easily get a job in their home country.

Well, this is actually a country where the higher studies are much beyond the conventional classroom sessions. It imparts the students a chance to enjoy the intercultural of life and prosper as the internationally demanded medical professional.

All these features have made this country having the largest number of foreign students in Europe with around 20,000 of the learners visiting there to broaden the education and experiences of life. It is quite an idea of the country for all those learners who aspire to become medical professionals. The affordable free structure, practical teaching methodology, and value-based education are what making Georgia quite a sought after destinations of higher studies for medical aspirants.

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