NEET entrance had become compulsory in 2017 by the government of India for MBBS admission in any medical college, be it public or private. This exam is very difficult and that is why getting admission has become a tough task for students. Donation culture has been stopped which is good in a way but getting admission has now become difficult. Medical aspirants are more in comparison to the colleges in India and that is a huge challenge and hurdle for aspirants to study MBBS, even after qualifying the NEET entrance in India.

Many students who have a dream to pursue MBBS have moved abroad for further education. Many of them have opted for Moldova as their education spot, it is a good option for students as the quality of education is best in the world. Moldova lies in the central part of Europe and it just a few miles away from India with traveling of approximately 12 to 17 hours via flight.

Weather conditions in Moldova are suitable to Indians and it is not so bad to survive, summers are warm and winters are mild and dry. The quality of education you get in Moldova is superior to India and the universities offer advance technique and ways to educate the students. Clinical training is also given so that students get a grip and knowledge of how to tackle or maintain rapport with the patients. They are taught how to take the history from the patient, decide on various options of treatment, etc.

Almost all the medical colleges in Moldova are government institutions and the cost or the tuition fees are much lower than that of India or other European countries. The cost of living is also not so expensive that a parent cannot afford for his child. Overall in comparison, the complete stay and study cost is low in Moldova and so the students prefer to pursue their MBBS in Moldova.

The most important thing for every Indian student who aspires to pursue MBBS in any country is, they have to enroll only in those universities which are MCI recognized otherwise they will not be allowed to get a seat for the examination which is compulsory to get a license to practice and once they clear this examination, they get double advantage of practicing all over the world as well in India after clearing FMGE and after completing their course.

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