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Every Indian student who chose to practice a medical profession in India will have to clear the MCI exam. It is mandated in every country. To clear MCI exam is not as easy as it looks like. The passing ratio is very less every year and students repent the thought of studying abroad for MBBS. The only reason why students fail is lack of preparation for the exam, you cannot blame the pattern or course of the test. The screening test for MBBS in any country becomes easy and simple if you concentrate and focus on it.

Students should make sure that whenever they decide to write any challenging examination, they should be mentally prepared and must be determined firmly towards the goal of passing with good rank. Most of the students commit mistakes and then repent later for shifting to any other country. They lack in determination and as the time passes by and exams come near they start preparing but such short time preparation does not help clear these challenging examinations. The syllabus becomes unmanageable and makes you feel nervous at the end.

The Secret to Success

Students who aspire to study further and abroad are mainly attracted towards their freedom and the independent life they would get living away from family. It is a unique experience for them to visit a new country and study there. They feel like exploring the city, visiting new places, making new friends, partying and then a little bit of studying where they forget that last minute study would not fetch them a good score. The MCI exam seems to be so far for them, thinking there is plenty of time left to study. This is where they go wrong and then they would run their minds and load with books to study which in return spoil their health too. They do not understand that certain challenges cannot be achieved last minute.

Developing a regular habit to study every day is the biggest secret to success. This examination needs tremendous dedication and hard work. A couple of hours daily with MCI as the goal should be the goal of every student who really wants to get through in the medical profession. One should learn to manage time as there would also be regular course going on every day which cannot be ignored either. If they follow this with pure dedication they can surely clear the MCI screening test and there decision of moving to another country would prove to be fruitful.

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