Top Universities for MBBS in Ukraine

Kharkiv National Medical University

This university was established in the year 1805 and it is known for its best undergraduate and post graduate programs in Ukraine. The alumni of this university are now placed and working for various medical institutions as renowned doctors and researchers. They have been placed in different countries of the world. This university is ranked as the 26th among the rest in Ukraine. The faculty is very well educated and highly qualified to teach these students and they also provide practical experiences and training along with the classroom sessions. Students are allotted hostels to stay with well-furnished rooms and there are a plenty of food outlets near by the hostel with a variety of cuisines which would satisfy all the nationalities.

Donetsk State Medical University

DNMU is one of the largest medical universities in Ukraine. It is not located in Lyman since 2014. This university was named after M. Gorky Donetsk in 1930 and got recognition of this university in the year 2004. There are various faculties in the university to teach the students in different medical fields such as Medicine, Pediatrics, Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacy, Public- Health, and Post Graduation faculty. They provide training in different languages like English, Russian, and Ukrainian. There are about 600 professors and more than 1200 staffs and the student population is over 4200 across the globe.

Odessa National Medical University

This is one of the Public University located in Odessa, Ukraine. Established in 1900 as a medical department and the rector of the university is V.N.Zaporzhan. it has a sophisticated way of teaching which stands out from the rest of the university in Ukraine and this made a big place among the most influential medical colleges in Russia. A number of renowned medical professors, scientists, doctors have worked here. Having 40 medical departments situated in different parts of Odessa and its region. It offers education in Russian, English and Ukrainian language.

Ivano Frankisvk National Medical University

The most known college and listed amongst WHO directory is Ivano Frankisvk and it is considered to be the best of all in Ukraine. It has been running with most unparalleled knowledge over seven decades. This university assures to provide the best education with high quality as they have high-end knowledgeable professors and their teaching methods are high with the years of experience they hold. Their intention is to give every student both theoretical and practical knowledge and experience. The programs are approved by the Ministry of Education and Science and the degrees are legitimized by the Ministry of Health in Ukraine.

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