About O.O. Bogomolets National Medical University.

O.O. Bogomolets national medical university established in 1841 is one amongst the institutes with excellence. The college is known as when life scientist Alexander A. Bogomolets. O.O.Bogomolets National Medical University, Kyiv is hailed in concert of the most effective medical establishments not solely in state however additionally in Europe. located within the heart of the cosmopolitan town of capital, this university has been the destination of alternative thousands of students from everywhere the planet. Students from around sixty five countries came here to check medication. This establishment of excellence enjoys a world category name as a premium center of learning. Graduates from this university square measure to be found in one in each four countries operating as extremely winning medical professionals starting from surgeons, intensivists, physician and clinical researchers. Keeping at par with the newest medical innovations all round the world.

This university provides its laureates and students state-of the art analysis facilities and equipment’s. Extraordinary medical feats square measure performed by its distinguished alumni at extremely specialized attached medical centers everywhere kyiv and across state. This academy is thought for its high normal of education and rigorous assessment policies that guarantee optimum normal of education and coaching.

The Medical Universities in state assists you in obtaining confirmed visa, most cost-effective air tickets and most significant is that students can fancy. it's the very best level of accreditations by the Ministry of Health and Education i.e. level IV and has been coaching students for over 150 years.

Ukraine is perhaps one amongst the safest and economical countries within the World for education and capital is that the pre-eminent university city. Our students sleep in a cultural setting with roots harking back quite a century and may expertise student activities so much on the far side the standard. They live the standard lifetime of a student, each daily and on gay occasions.

NMU offers multi-cultural surroundings to its students with international students coming back from virtually each a part of the world staying and finding out along. For a world student the number of international exposure in terms of traditions and cultural is actually superb with students from each country indulgence in their own national festivals and celebrations and at identical time enjoying and celebrating as of their keep in capital.

The admission procedure during this establishment is incredibly easy and students do not have to crack any reasonably entrance examinations. One should submit crammed form (with valid permanent address /postal address and phone numbers), International passport, and academic documents (certificate of 'O' level/ 'A' level/ SSCE/HSSCE etc). Whereas finding out in prime Medical Universities in state, students will benefit of Bilateral Student Exchange Program with completely different foreign Universities in Federal Republic of Germany, Finland, Sweden, Poland etc. International students will be part time jobs throughout their studies and 3 month's summer jobs throughout vacation in countries like UK, USA, Sweden and alternative EU countries.

Ukraine could be a peaceful country. Here foreigner students will get safety and security. Possibilities of permanent residence and settlement in alternative European countries like USA, Canada, and Australia when completion of the course. Thus study medication in one this prime Medical Universities in state helps students to create their career in a a lot of economical method. one amongst the most effective half is that the degrees square measure recognized and approved by UN agency, MCI throughout EU and completely different world organization.

Lectures square measure offered in English, Russian and Ukrainian medium each for collegian levels and post graduate levels. The minimum tuition fees for English medium courses within the Medical Universities in state for MBBS/MD programmers vary from 3000$ and 4200$ per annum. The medical universities in Europe offer scholarships to their students. The labs and infrastructure of the collages square measure much better than the other government colleges in Asia, continent and alternative countries. The lecturers, Doctors and professors square measure extremely qualified. Several of the graduate’s United Nations agencies have completed their studies square measure operating in their several countries as a licensed doctor. A 24*7 landing field devour service is additionally provided to any or all the scholars through organizer of the administration.

O.O. Bogomolets National Medical University Fees.

O.O. Bogomolets National Medical University 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year 6th Year
Tuition Fees/Year in US Dollars 4500 USD 4500 USD 4500 USD 4500 USD 4500 USD 4500 USD
Total in Indian Rupees/Per Year 3,15,000 INR 3,15,000 INR 3,15,000 INR 3,15,000 INR 3,15,000 INR 3,15,000 INR

Undergraduate Medical Faculty.

The medical collage at NMU boasts of one of the foremost wanted course within the country and collage the continent of Europe.

The collage of medicine is supplied with state-of the art teaching devices in every of the ten lecture auditoriums among the university premises and first laboratories providing students with the Necessary technological and clinical know how. The collage of medicine may be a conglomerate of twelve colleges, presiding over seven establishments and 137 super specialty medical centers unfold everywhere Kyiv, seventy eight departments and thirty sub divisional departments.

The school employs one,200 scientists teachers; among them 137 are professors, 188 associate professors, 341 assistant professors and 719 lecturers. Apart from them, over 200 academicians and corresponding members of upper education board of state, Laureates of State Prize of state, unearned Readers and Prof Retired adorn the educational Positions of this university.

The student body of the collage of medicine alone is 13,000 students robust, consisting of each native Ukrainian students and foreign students hailed from all the corners of the globe.

The degree awarded to medical students at the tip of their 6 years of coaching is M.D. (Doctor of medication, in accordance to United Nations agency and physician Directory) and it makes them eligible to apply in any country within the world once showing and with success passing their Respective medical licensing examinations.

Online Education.

NMU students have unique access to an online library & portal which offers them a complete array of medical textbooks, journals, literatures and references. The access code and password are given to the student on completion of the admission procedure. Only the Student is privy to the codes which are non-transferrable.

Global Outreach Program.

The University enjoys a global partnership with many eminent educational centers of the world which readily provides it with valuable assistance in field of academics, research, student exchange programs, conferences and clinical workshops. Every year the university receives a substantial number of visitors who are academicians, students or researchers. Some of the Partnership are

  • Universidade do Algarve (Portugal)
  • Universita’ di Bologna (Italy)
  • Universite Bordeaux 1 (France)
  • Humboldt Universital zu Berlin (Germany)

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