Studying MBBS at Gomel State Medical University is one of the best options for international students for doing an MBBS program due to its superior infrastructure, quality education & affordable cost.

Gomel State Medical University (GSMU) was founded in 1990 and situated in Gomel, Belarus, it is the most highly prioritized destination where thousands of students attempt to secure their MBBS seats.

At Gomel State Medical University, The entire syllabus is taught in the English medium, campus has 34 departments where 600 renowned professors deliver theoretical and practical classes with modern teaching methodologies, the latest facilities, extracurricular activities, affordable price, amazing accommodation during Medicine education.

GSMU has enrolled about 5000 students & most of them have guaranteed career success ahead of them.

Gomel State Medical University is one of the Ideal places which is providing value-based MBBS education to the students and transforms them into professionals doctors with the right approach.

  • Intake for MBBS Course – September

  • Accepted Exam – NEET Examination

  • Annual Tuition Fee – 4370 USD

  • Course Duration – 5 + 1 year internship

  • Medium of Teaching – English language

  • University Ranking – Country - 30 , World - 7868

  • Universities Recognition – NMC, WHO, ECFMG, EU/EEA, CMB, SLMC, AMC General Medical Council

Why Study MBBS at Gomel State Medical University?.

  • The MBBS degree offered by Gomel State Medical University will have official recognition by many known organisations.
  • Gomel State Medical University uses modern teaching methodologies & practical classes during MBBS education.
  • The university has an eminent level of educational curriculum & all 600 professors are highly qualified with years of experience in the medical field.
  • Gomel State Medical University doesn’t demand any English proficiency exam like IELTS or TOEFL or another additional exam, apart from the National Entrance Examination Test (NEET) for MBBS enrolment.
  • The Gomel State Medical University conducts classes in 100% of the English language.
  • The University also guides the students for medical licensing examinations during MBBS education.
  • The fee structure & city living cost is much more reliable as compared to universities in other countries.
  • It offers a well-developed infrastructure with all modern facilities at the comfortable zone of the students to experience a hassle-free education system.
  • The institute provides an international environment to the students due to which every student will get exposure to different cultural backgrounds.
  • The student will acquire a globally accepted MBBS degree at Gomel State Medical University.
  • The college opens up a wide range of job opportunities after MBBS education in any country of choice.

Gomel State Medical University Fees.

Gomel State Medical University 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year 6th Year
Tuition Fees/Year in US Dollars 4370 USD 4370 USD 4370 USD 4370 USD 4370 USD 4370 USD
Hostel Fees/Year in US Dollars 700 USD 700 USD 700 USD 700 USD 700 USD 700 USD
Total Fees/Year in US Dollars 5070 USD 5070 USD 5070 USD 5070 USD 5070 USD 5070 USD
Total in Indian Rupees/Per Year 4,05,600 INR 4,05,600 INR 4,05,600 INR 4,05,600 INR 4,05,600 INR 4,05,600 INR
  • Note: $1 = Rs.80 (for calculation purpose.)

Accreditation and Recognition

  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • National Medical Commission (NMC)
  • General Medical Council (UK)
  • Australian Medical Council (AMC)
  • Sri Lanka (SLMC)
  • China Medical Board (CMB)
  • EU/EEA


  • Gomel State Medical University offers a scholarship program for the students during medicine course education.
  • The deserving candidates will get a scholarship based on certain criteria that usually accounts for the academic record of the students

Hostel & Accommodation

  • Gomel State Medical University offers 4 developed hostels at a reasonable price.
  • The hostel is well-organized and fully furnished.
  • The students are living in the hostel rooms on a sharing basis.
  • The hostel provides separately distributed rooms for boys and girls.
  • The accommodation rooms are hygienic and cleaned regularly
  • The students are provided with laundry and a gymnasium equipped with all modern equipment.
  • Availability of common kitchen to cook their own choice of food anytime.
  • The accommodation has a large mess preparing all types of cuisine for students.
  • The hostel premises are wifi enabled for 24 hours.
  • The hostel is under high-class security round the clock.

About Gomel City

  • Founded in 1142, Gomel is the largest regional city in Belarus.
  • The city is located in the south-east of the republic.
  • The population of the city is 527691 & the city has the finest environment in terms of geographical & natural atmosphere.
  • Gomel consists of Sozh which is the widest river in Belarusian.
  • Transportation used in the city includes trolleybus, autobuses, & route taxis.

About Voronezh State Medical University.

Voronezh State Medical University is one of Russia's most prestigious medical institutions. It is situated in Voronezh, near Moscow. The university has history and it begins here, the Dorpat University was founded in 1802 and in 1918, it was moved to Voronezh. In 1903, Voronezh University's medical faculty established an autonomous medical institute. The paediatric faculty, dental faculty, and, in 1983, the faculty of medical specialists and practicing doctors were established in the following years. Voronezh State Medical University’s medical degrees were recognized all over the world. In 1992, the university started with international faculty of medical education with training. They are having advanced nursing faculty with the pharmaceutical departments in university in 2002. The academy was granted university status in 2015. The university has reinforced its reputation as a provider of high-quality education and a pioneer in current scientific developments in medicine, biology, and pharmacy. Voronezh State Medical University was founded by Russian Federation and so it is recognized by Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. It also recognized by Medical Council of India, and WHO. The University is included in the World Health Organization's World Directory of Medical Schools, 9th Edition. Voronezh State Medical University is recognized for its excellence in academics and in scientific educational and diagnostic centres in country. Over 40,000 doctors were educated by the Faculty over its lifetime, including 1200 international medical experts from various countries. The academy's clinical basis consists of 29 affiliated hospitals and a network of polyclinics where medical students get hands-on experience. At the Voronezh State Medical University, more than 800 people work in teaching and research in 78 departments, including 149 doctors of medicine, 91 professors, and 525 PhDs in medicine. The Voronezh State Medical University also works closely with the German Medical Association.The University has trained 1200 specialists from 28 different nations. Students may enjoy a multicultural atmosphere at this university because it has foreign students from over 56 nations. International students at Voronezh State Medical University can study in Dentistry General Medicine, Paediatrics, and Pharmacy. 1500 professionals from 28 nations have graduated from the university where 875 students from around the world seeking MD degrees. Since its establishment, the University has aspired to produce high-profile professionals in science, education, and science-intensive industry. Systems integration is a vital component in bridging the gap between research and education, and it has been effectively implemented in collaboration with industries.

Affiliation And Recognition of Voronezh State Medical University

  • The Voronezh State Medical University has been founded by the Russian government.
  • MCI approved college.
  • NMC and WHO recognized college.

Why Study MBBS At Voronezh State Medical University?

  • The university provides a high-quality education at a low cost. International students are encouraged to apply so that they can great way to increase experience in a different country.
  • The university has well coordination with German medical association which will benefit students here for research and doctoral programs.
  • Voronezh State Medical University students will have access to well-equipped resources to assist them in better understanding the topic.
  • There are research programmers who can help students understand diverse medical views. Voronezh State Medical University offers master's and Ph.D. degrees, allowing students to continue their studies beyond graduation.
  • A graduate of Voronezh State Medical University will be well prepared to confront the challenges that await them outside of the university.
  • They have everything they need to set up a real-world medical service. Voronezh State Medical University assists students in finding employment, and there will be a variety of campus interviews where qualified candidates will be placed with favorable results.
  • Foreign students will be able to follow along because the language of teaching will be English.
  • Since the university's tuition is affordable and this campus offers all of the amenities you require.

Advantages Of Study MBBS In Voronezh State Medical University

  • It is an authorized college by the Medical Council of India, so students who complete their education can return to India and work there.
  • Professionals and instructors with advanced qualifications work at the university.
  • Internet, audio-video systems, modern equipment, and modern software are all available at the university's classrooms and laboratories.
  • Admission at Voronezh State Medical University does not need a donation.
  • The university provides an atmosphere in which students may learn and improve their professional abilities with the help of some of the greatest experts in the country.
  • The development of effective medical, social technologies, and education as well as new scientific research, are all necessary for successful work for the benefit of society, which is Voronezh State Medical University's most important goal.

Voronezh State Medical University Fees Structure 2023-24

Voronezh State Medical University 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year 6th Year
Tuition Fees/Year in US Dollars 5000 USD 5000 USD 5000 USD 5000 USD 5000 USD 5000 USD
Hostel Fees 750 USD 750 USD 750 USD 750 USD 750 USD 750 USD

Hostel And Accommodation At Voronezh State Medical University

International students are expected to compete in one of the university's student dorm rooms. The foreign students' hostel is located in the city center, close to the main building of the university. Gender-specific residences and hostels are available on campus. The university's hostels are well-equipped with everything a student would want while residing there. The hostel's rooms are clean, airy, and big, and the students have access to a bathroom. Medical services are also available to students in the hostels. Students have the option of dining at the hostel's canteen or cooking for themselves. The Voronezh State Medical University's hostels are properly equipped and have central heating, which is a welcome addition during the winter months. Separate toilets and kitchens are also accessible for students in the hostels. Other amenities include a Wi-Fi campus, sports complex, playground, transit, cafeterias, ATMs, and banks, as well as the central library and theatre.