The Republic of Armenia is a country which is located in Western Asia. This country shares the border with four of the other nations which include Georgia, Turkey along with the Azerbaijan and Iran. Armenia comprises several of the renowned medical colleges & universities which are fully equipped with the most advanced medical tools and also the technology. Since this country provides a low budget medical education, therefore it has emerged as quite a lucrative option for Indian students for pursuing their MBBS course from the top universities at an affordable cost. Irrespective of many advantages of studying MBBS in Armenia there are few of the major challenges and obstacles faced by the medical students. Have you thought what it feels like studying overseas? The truth is certainly it is not that easy. Majority of the Indian learners actually have tons of the questions and concerns in their mind before flying into the life of the host country. As a student in a foreign land, you are likely to face certain sorts of difficulties. So, before seeking admission in any of the medical course in Armenia you should certainly get acquitted with the problems and prepare yourself better to deal with it.

Few of the challenges which are encountered by students while pursuing MBBS in Armenia

Language barrier
For the Indian students who visit Armenia for medical studies, English is not spoken as the first language they find it difficult to understand the language of native students and instructors. Even the use of the phrases as well as the words in the English language is different in the foreign country. There are some of the standard qualifying examinations like TOEFL, IELTS, GRE or GMAT which test their proficiency in the English language. Many of the students still are not able to match up to the pace, accent along with the tone of their foreign counterparts. This may appear to be quite challenging.

Cultural shock
The students who visit Armenia for higher studies may find quite a mismatch in the culture. This led them to face the cultural shock. The learners actually have to deal with the varied value system, signs as well as the symbols which are actually related to the communication patterns, social behavior and also interpersonal relationships. The Indian students may likely to face the differences in behavioral norms while studying in the foreign land.

Face prejudice
There might be a chance that an Indian learner may face the prejudice as well as discrimination in a foreign land. They may suffer from some sort of exclusion, lack of involvement and also biased of the behaviors from the foreign scholars. Although social discrimination is against the university norms in Armenia the Indian student might feel humiliated due to negligence and ignorance by the native students.

Monetary problems
Well pursuing a medical course in Armenia or any other foreign country is a bit expensive. The students may face financial constraints at one point or the other one. Apart from the course fee, a student has to bear the accommodation cost, living expenses along with the travel and study material cost. During the time of financial emergency, it becomes quite difficult to make arrangements of the funds overseas.

This is another common challenge which is faced by learners who visit overseas for higher studies. Well, homesickness is quite a natural and common feeling which comes when someone is miles away from the homeland. This can be overcome by making new friends and talking to the family from time to time.

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