• Study MBBS Abroad

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    Diverse clinical exposure & international medical experience.

    Cost-effective tuition fees & lower living expenses.

    Global recognition & career opportunities in various countries.

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  • Study MBBS in Georgia

    Top Ten Safest Country ( Crime Free ) in the World 🌎

    WHO/NMC/FAIMER/ECFMG/WFME/AMEE Approved University

    Course duration 6 years with Internship

    Lowest Tution fees

    Boys & Girls Separate Hostel Available (with Indian food)

    Fully English Medium Study

    Guaranteed success in MCI/USMLE Test (preparations Available)

    Attractive Scholarship Available

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  • Study MBBS in Russia

    Courses recognized by WHO & MCI

    Course Duration is 6 years

    Low cost of Fees and very Low cost of Living

    Standard of Living as per European lifestyle.

    Separate Girls/Boys Hostel Facility available

    English as the Medium of instructions

    Students are studying in Group of 12-15 students by one Teacher.

    All of the Universities in Russia are Government University.

    Indian cook & self cooking facility are available

    Excellent MCI SCREENING Test Result

    Direct Flight Connectivity from India

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  • STUDY MBBS in Belarus

    Belarus has some top-notch medical, educational facilities scattered all around the country.

    The MBBS universities in Belarus use English as their mode of teaching.

    NMC and WHO recognize the MBBS course in Belarus.

    MBBS from Belarus students are eligible for entrance test like HPCSA, NMC, etc.

    Clinical visits are initiated from the first year itself.

    The university tuition fees can be paid per semester wise.

    Well, maintained hostel facilities are available.

    Belarus is a very safe & Developed country

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Simplify Your Path to Studying MBBS Abroad with Our Trusted Education Consultancy

Are you a student dreaming of a career in medicine? Are you facing the challenge of limited MBBS admissions in India?

We understand the frustration and disappointment you may be experiencing. The dream of becoming a doctor shouldn't be hindered by closed doors.

You may feel overwhelmed and uncertain about your future. It's time to overcome these obstacles and find a way to make your dream a reality.

We understand the challenges you face because we've been there too. Just like you, we had a passion for medicine and encountered the roadblocks of limited MBBS admissions in India.

As fellow dreamers and achievers, we empathize with your journey. Our team of experienced MBBS education consultants is dedicated to guiding you every step of the way.

Trust us to be your reliable and knowledgeable companion, ensuring you succeed in your pursuit of a medical career.

By choosing our education consultancy, you unlock a world of possibilities. Here's what you can expect when you join us as your trusted guide:

  • Access to renowned MBBS universities abroad
  • Comprehensive support throughout the admission process
  • Expert guidance on visa and documentation requirements
  • Cultural exposure and global learning opportunities
  • Increased career prospects and international recognition

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Our Services


We provide counselling Services to students in respect of career and academics. Our goal is to guide you through the admission process.


Confused what course to opt for after your schooling or graduation. Our goal is to guide and help you in selecting appropriate career.


There is a lot of confussion while selecting the university or college for better studies. Our goal is to make you apply for the best education.


Application and documentation is a hectic process. We make it a simple process by guiding you every requirements and where to apply.


If you already opted for a course and want to have further education in its brances, we provide proper guidance for various branches.


Want to go abroad for higher studies and apply for best colleges and university, we provide guidance regarding foreign Education.

We provide services to students and parents by helping them selecting the right institution and with the documentation needed to apply for admission and visa process just to avoid any hassle during the process.

  • We provide services to students and parents by helping them selecting the right institution and with the documentation needed to apply for admission and visa process just to avoid any hassle during the process.
  • Education Consultancy guides you regarding the education system in abroad.
  • Education Consultancy provides awareness about the rules and regulations before applying to any foreign institute and help you with the application requirements and invitation letter.
  • Education Consultancy evaluates your academic documents to make sure that they are as per the norms specified by the University where you have applied.
  • Education Consultancy makes sure that you are been provided with the best institute or University as per your choice and within your budget.
  • Legal procedures are been fulfilled by the Education Consultancy, like attestation, legalization and translation by the required authorities.
  • Education Consultancy also provides best advice and support for education loans from Banks according to your needs.
  • Education Consultancy also helps in all the arrangements right from the departure of the students till they reach to the University. They help all the students who have recruited with us in a group and prepare accordingly.
  • Education Consultancy guides you with the airport embarkation and immigration clearance formalities.
  • Education Consultancy has associates who would receive you at the destination Airport and they will also escort you till the academy.
  • Education Consultancy´s Team helps you with the accommodation and its registration.
  • Education Consultancy´s Team helps you in final documentation in the University.
  • You get complimentary SIM card of the country courtesy by Education Consultancy to help staying in touch with the family in India and communicate.
  • Our associates help you in obtaining Certificate of Equivalency, Visa Extension, Library Membership Card etc.
  • Education Consultancy provides assistance for whole of the study period by coordinating with the University (if required).
  • Education Consultancy Provides Free Online Mci Coaching From First To Last Year For Every Student.
  • Education Consultancy Provides Free Medical Terminology Classes Before They Departure For Every Students.
  • Education Consultancy Provides Free Observationship (Hospital Training) In India During Vacation Period For Each Student.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) section

What does an education consultancy do?
An education consultancy provides guidance, support, and expertise to students seeking educational opportunities abroad. They assist students in navigating the complex process of choosing the right educational institution and program that aligns with their goals and aspirations. Education consultancies offer personalized advice on various aspects, including admission requirements, visa procedures, scholarship opportunities, and academic planning. By leveraging their knowledge and network, they help students make informed decisions and maximize their chances of success. Additionally, education consultancies may offer additional services such as test preparation, document assistance, and cultural orientation to ensure a smooth transition for students pursuing their educational endeavors overseas.
Why do Indian students opt for MBBS abroad?
Indian students often choose to pursue MBBS abroad due to the limited number of medical seats available in Indian universities. This scarcity makes competition fierce and increases the difficulty of securing admission. Moreover, certain countries have low tuition fees and cost of living compared to private Indian medical universities. Overall, studying MBBS abroad offers Indian students greater opportunities, quality education, and a global outlook in the field of medicine. It is crucial to discuss the steps required with a medical education consultancy who has been in the game for more than 5 years.
Is MBBS abroad possible without NEET?
No! NEET has become a compulsion for MBBS abroad. The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) has been made mandatory for Indian students aspiring to pursue MBBS abroad. NEET serves as a qualifying examination to assess the eligibility of students seeking admission to medical colleges both within India and abroad. The Medical Council of India (MCI) has made it mandatory to ensure that students possess the necessary knowledge and skills required for medical education. Therefore, it is essential for students to appear for and qualify in the NEET examination in order to pursue MBBS abroad . NEET has become an integral part of the admission process for Indian students aspiring to study medicine overseas.
Which country is best for MBBS abroad for Indian students?

There are many good countries out there that medical education consultancies may suggest, here are some countries worth considering:

  • MBBS in Georgia : Known for its quality education system and affordable tuition fees, Georgia attracts Indian students with its English-taught programs and globally recognized degrees.
  • MBBS in Russia : Renowned for its long-standing medical education tradition, Russia offers state-of-the-art facilities, experienced faculty, and affordable tuition fees. Many universities in Russia are recognized by organizations like the WHO and MCI.
  • MBBS in Belarus : With its high standard of medical education and affordable living costs, Belarus has become a popular choice among Indian students. The country's universities maintain a strong focus on practical training and offer a supportive environment for international students.
  • MBBS in Moldova : Offering competitive tuition fees and a favorable student-to-teacher ratio, Moldova provides Indian students with quality medical education. Moldova's universities are recognized globally, providing opportunities for students to pursue postgraduate programs in reputed institutions worldwide.
Is MBBS in India better or abroad?

It depends on the university. Studying MBBS in India offers familiarity with the local healthcare system and potentially lower costs. On the other hand, pursuing MBBS abroad can provide exposure to global medical practices, advanced infrastructure, diverse patient populations, and potential career prospects internationally along with the advantage of affordable tuition fees and cost of living. Ultimately, the choice should be based on personal goals, financial considerations, academic opportunities, and the desire for a multicultural experience.

Who is eligible for MBBS abroad?

Eligibility criteria for pursuing an MBBS abroad vary depending on the country and university. In general, students who have completed their secondary education in science subjects, such as Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, are eligible to apply. Some common requirements include a minimum GPA, often ranging from 50% to 60%, and a qualifying score in entrance exams like NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) for Indian students. Additionally, universities may require English language proficiency tests like IELTS or TOEFL.

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