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About Moldova.

The Republic of Moldova may be inland state in east Europe, placed between Romania to the west and Ukraine to the north, east and south. it's at the intersection of economic, cultural and traveller routes, connexion the West and also the East, the North and also the South. it's a rustic with a motivating and eventful history. till 1991 Moldavia was one among the republics of the previous Soviet Union. once changing into associate degree independent state Moldova has joined alternative democratic countries and established relations with other them. The Republic of Moldova may be a member of the global organization Organization and complies with all the agreements and conventions concerning human rights and also the continuous development of humanity. a trial to integrate into the Union defines the country's policy pointers. In 1995 the country became the primary post-Soviet state admitted to the Council of Europe. Additionally to its participation in NATO's Partnership for Peace program, Moldova is additionally a member of the OSCE, the North Atlantic Cooperation Council, the planet Trade Organization, the International money, the planet Bank, the Francophone and also the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. In 2005 Moldova and EU established a biennial action arrange that aimed to boost collaboration between the 2 neighboring structures, and currently negotiations in numerous fields of cooperation ensue. Moldova is settled on a comparatively tiny territory of 33843,5 km2 and includes a population of three,6 million individuals with one among the best population densities in Europe (about 126 inhabitants per km2). The most important section of the country lies between 2 rivers, the Dniester and also the Prut. Moldova's wealthy soil has created the country one among the foremost productive agricultural regions in east Europe and it's the main provider of agricultural product within the space. The country is inland, although it's terribly near to the Euxine Sea. whereas the northern a part of the country is unsmooth, elevations ne'er exceed 430 meters (1,411 ft). within the central half is found a locality lined by forests known as Codrii. Moldova's climate is moderately continental: the summers area unit heat and long, with temperatures averaging regarding 20°C, and also the winters area unit comparatively delicate and dry, with January temperatures averaging -4°C. Annual rain that ranges from around 600 millimeters within the north to four hundred millimeters within the south will vary greatly; long dry spells aren't uncommon. The heaviest rain happens in early summer and once more in October; significant showers and thunderstorms area unit common. Visitors, newcomers and foreign students arrive in Moldavia either by approach of the city's international airfield, or the train or bus stations. capital International airfield offers direct connections to variety of major cities together with Antalya, Athens, Bodrum, Bourgas, Bucharest, Budapest, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Kiev, Larnaca, Lisbon, London, Milan, Moscow, Paris, Timisoara, Prague, Riga, Rome, Tel Aviv, Sofia, St. Petersburg, Verona, Vienna, Vilna et al. capital includes a wide network of conveyance together with buses, trolleybuses, mini - vans, and taxis. Transport services area unit cheap and supply the chance to maneuver simply and quickly to completely different districts of our town and its suburbs. though there's busy traffic throughout rush hours, security is assured by wayside cops. Additionally, security of all capital inhabitants is assured by the numerous cops stationed throughout the town.

mbbs in moldova

CHISINAU is the capital of our country and the biggest locality of Moldova. It is a symbol of our nation. It's a vivid, cosmopolite city, where different cultures, religions and life styles live together. Life in Chisinau is dynamic due to a lot of students who study at different educational institution. Chisinau is a city of youth.

While traveling to Moldova, the final destination of foreign new-comers can be the city international airport, train station and bus stations. On arrival to the Chisinau' international Airport foreign students are picked up by the representatives of the University and accompanied to the lodging. Upon arrival, foreign students can also make international phone calls by using cards that can be purchased in the city, including airport, or from the telephone stations, spread all over the city, including the neighborhood of the students' campus.

Chisinau has a wide network of public transport including buses, trolleybuses, mini - vans, taxis. By using public transportation means students can move easily and quickly to different districts of our city. Although there is a rather busy traffic during rush hours, the security of traffic is assured by road police officers. Besides, the security of Chisinau' inhabitants is assured by policemen. Although Chisinau permanently changes, it has many historical and architectural monuments. It is a city of culture, where every person can find something for his soul. Interesting information about history, culture and nature of Moldova can be found in numerous museums. Situated at the crossroad of many cultures, Chisinau has been always characterized by the multitude of art stiles. Those people who are fond of theater, music, dance and movies have the possibility to watch performances, played by troupes, bands and groups from all over the world in the framework of the national and international festivals.

Chisinau is a hospitable city. Commercial centers keep their doors open for potential buyers where can be purchased high quality goods made in different countries. Culture and sport centers - 15 theatres and Concert Halls, 7 cinemas, 10 museums, 7 parks, 10 stadiums and sport complexes, 12 libraries and halls for reading are always at the disposal of Chisinauites and foreigners.

Bars and restaurants offer national dishes together with foreign cuisines such as Indian, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, etc.


moldova telecommunications

Telecommunications in Republic of Moldova area unit maintained at a really high performance level.

Considering the comparatively tiny territory of the country, firms who deal in telecommunications managed to attain excellent coverage, each in terms of cables and wireless communications infrastructure.

Thus, stationary phone networks area unit gift just about all over, mobile phone connections also are terribly consistent, and it's solely on a really rare occasion that you simply would possibly get a message saying : "…out of area".

And as way as net association is bothered, Republic of Moldova is earlier than several western countries by each transfer and transfer speeds, together with Federal Republic of Germany, nice UK, France, and us.

If you happen to be touring Moldova, then you will definitely enjoy the WI-FI areas downtown Chisinau, as well as in many cafes and restaurants of the city.


The current rail system in Moldova consists of one,262 metric linear unit of track, none of that has been electrified. the bulk of the road encompasses a normal Russian gauge of one,520 mm, with a tiny low 14 metric linear unit section close to the Romanian border that encompasses a European railway of one,435 mm. Despite the separatist war in Transdniestr in 1992 the European nation railway remained unified till 2004, once Transdniestr gained management of the railways system on its territory. This has prompted Moldova to create a railway bypass in its north-south rail link, that for many dozen kilometer’s skillful territory controlled by Tiraspol. In Gregorian calendar month 2008, the European nation authorities inaugurated a brand new section of fifty two metric linear unit of rail track "Cahul-Giurgiulesti", connecting the national railroad line to Giurgiulesti port on the Danube.

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