Petrozavdosk state University, Russia

Petrozavdosk state University, Russia

Petrozavodsk State University is the biggest multi-disciplinary traditional college of the European North of Russia. Petrozavodsk State University (Petrsu) was set up in 1940 as the Karelian-Finnish University and was renamed in 1956. In the midst of its 70-year-long history, the school has arranged in excess of 60000 significantly qualified specialists.

Among its alumni there are academicians, pastors and world-mainstream aces in the public arena and science, heads of adventures and workers of various augmentations of industry of the Northwest and Northern mild regions of Russia. The Petrozavodsk University paper is distributed since 1956, it educates perusers on logical, public, worldwide and student life of the college and conveys issue and insightful articles.

The Summer University of Petrozavodsk State University (Russia) offers distinctive Russian language level courses and projects and welcomes you to visit Karelia, the novel area of the North-West Russia. the global relations of the college are growing quickly. PetrSU joint logical exploration projects with colleges of Finland, Sweden, Great Britain, Poland, the United States and Canada. PetrSU takes a functioning part in global projects of the Baltic area and Barents Euro-Arctic locale, Nordic Council of Ministers, Tempus, Erasmus Mundus, Fulbright, and so forth Every year the college holds around 10 global meetings.

More about speciality of Petrozavdosk state University:

The college involves 8 structures all through the city and works a botanic nursery, a pool, a few labs and a distributing house. Its library holds a sum of around 1.4 million books. PetrSU is situated in Petrozavodsk, however it likewise has a branch in Apatity, the city in the Murmansk district. Today in excess of 14800 students go to classes in different undergrad, graduate and post-graduate projects. They are educated by over 1,000 teachers, including 550 PhDs, 145 Doctors of Science, 26 individuals from state institutes of science.

The college is comprised of 80 offices, 9 resources, 7 instructive establishments, and 8 exploration organizations.

Research Activities in Petrozavdosk state University:

PetrSU is a significant examination place in designing, humanities and characteristic science Over 100 participation arrangements closed with unfamiliar colleges and establishments Currently working together with research focuses and global associations from 30 nations of Central and Northern Europe, Asia and the CIS The University executes in excess of 300 logical, instructive and legally binding undertakings supported by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, the Russian Humanitarian Fund, the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, just as by other Russian and unfamiliar assets, ventures and associations The exercises of our own IT-park representatives add to the improvement of high advances in the Nordic nations and the Russian Federation in the field of ICT and microelectronics.

Petrozavdosk state University Faculty:

  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Biology, Ecology and Agricultural Technologies
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technologies
  • Faculty of Physics and Technology
  • Faculty of Forestry, Mining and Construction Sciences
  • Faculty of Physical Education, Sport and Tourism
  • Faculty of Education and Phycology
  • Faculty of Foreign Languages
  • Faculty of Philology
  • Faculty of History, Political and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Economics and Law
  • Karelian Regional Faculty of Counting Professional Education of PETRSU

Why choose Petrozavdosk state University?

  • Petrozavodsk is the biggest (capital) city of the Republic of Karelia, and yet, it is very quiet and has a genuine Russian appeal.
  • You need just a single night to get to Moscow or St. Petersburg by an agreeable night train.
  • Living with a Russian family, you will become acquainted with what Russian neighborliness implies.
  • You will contemplate Russian in a well disposed environment and warm up to Russian students.

Highlights for Petrozavdosk state University :

  • Set up in 1940
  • Prepared in excess of 70 000 qualified trained professionals
  • Offers more than 100 instructive projects
  • Unknown dialect testing (TORFL, TOEFL, TOLES)
  • The solitary college in Russia that trains experts in the space of Finno-Ugric dialects and culture (Karelian, Vepsian and Finnish)
  • The main global school of software engineers' preparation
  • The world's driving place for research in the field of improvement and formation of basic base and gear for non-silicon miniature and nanoelectronics
  • Trade programs with more than 20 unfamiliar colleges
  • Member and coordinator of many worldwide, all-Russian and provincial gatherings and classes each year
  • 350+ worldwide students from 40+ nations
  • Community for official and authorized interpretations
  • 11 dorms

A wide scope of summer/winter schools and transient projects

Airport Pickup:

We generally get our all students at the air terminals of Russia and we will make courses of action of transportation from air terminal to University. It is fitting to book all trips straightaway on the grounds that the start of the scholastic year is an active opportunity to go in Russia.

It is obligatory for each student to illuminate us about his/her flight subtleties since, supposing that our agent won't be at the air terminal to get student, student will be expelled back to country.

Students who got their Russian visa need to advise us about their appearance subtleties, with the goal that delegate could get the students at the air terminal. Kindly send us the sweep duplicate of the booked ticket.

Hostels and Accommodation Petrozavdosk state University:

Student learning at Petrozavodsk State Medical University has a few convenience alternatives to look over, including leased level, inn room, or room in a receiving family. The global students for the most part pick an student residence. The college has 10 dorm structures inside the city and is effectively open through open vehicle. The quarters has web access, lounges, study lobbies, exercise centers alongside independent clothes washer and oven offices. All dorm are all around kept up and secure for worldwide students.

Documents required for Petrozavdosk state University:

  • An international passport.
  • A notarized Russian translation of the passport.
  • The original of the document confirming your previous education with all the academic transcripts.
  • For Bachelor’s and Specialist’s programs you need a School Leaving Certificate;
  • For Master’s programs you need a Bachelor’s or a Specialist’s Diploma.
  • A notarized Russian translation of the document confirming your previous education (including the academic transcripts).
  • Six black-and-white matte official photos sized 3x4 cm
  • A vaccination history certificate. You are required to get the following vaccinations: diphteria (not older than 10 years), measles, hepatitis B (HB).

International Cooperation in Petrozavdosk state University:

Petrozavodsk State Medical University has 87 dynamic peaceful accords with 27 nations including Finland, Sweden, Norway, France, Germany, Portugal, United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Belgium, Korea, nations of the Baltic locale, and so on Consistently, the college holds around 30 global ventures with the monetary help of different worldwide assets, projects, and associations. Additionally, the college has unfamiliar trade programs with around 20 unfamiliar colleges.

Admission procedure for Petrozavdosk state University:

At the absolute initial, an student should examine every one of the fundamental records needed for affirmation.

Presently visit the authority site of the University and anticipate the affirmation structure,

  • Fill it and submit it.
  • Hang tight for 3-4 working days.
  • After check, offer letter will get produced and shipped off the enlisted email address.
  • After an age of the offer letter, pay the fees
  • In the wake of paying the expenses, confirmation is affirmed.
  • After affirmation, apply for visa and afterward you are prepared to fly for MBBS in Russia.

Students life at Petrozavdosk state University:

Petrozavodsk State Medical University is notable for its imaginative social exercises. Students can effectively take an interest and join the incredibly famous ensembles, student theaters, ethnic and contemporary moving gatherings and different artworks exercises. The Academic Male Choir gathering of the college is among extraordinary compared to other male ensembles on the planet. Additionally, the society music gathering and dramatization club of the college are very mainstream among the students.


Petrozavodsk State medical University 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year 6th Year
Tuition Fees/Year in US Dollars 3215 USD 3215 USD 3215 USD 3215 USD 3215 USD 3215 USD
Total in Indian Rupees/Per Year 2,25,000 INR 2,25,000 INR 2,25,000 INR 2,25,000 INR 2,25,000 INR 2,25,000 INR