Kemerovo State Medical College

About Kemerovo State Medical College

Kemerovo State Medical University Russia was founded in 1955. It is the leading medical institute in Russia. It is located in Kemerovo Oblast, Russia,

KSMU Russia is officially recognized by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation. It is a coeducational Russian higher education institution.

Affiliation And Recognition of Kemerovo State Medical College

The Kemerovo State Medical College is accredited by the following organisations:

  • Approved by NMC.
  • Aid Statue Public.
  • Medical council of India
  • Ministry of the health of Russia.
  • Ministry of education in Russia

Why Study MBBS at Kemerovo State Medical College?

  • University provides a high standard quality of education with affordable fees.
  • International students can enroll to have great other country experiences.
  • The international students get a hostile environment for them with all their needs.
  • The research programs that will help students to comprehend different ideas in work.
  • The medium of language will be English, so international students will be comfortable.
  • Kemerovo State University Russia has seven faculties with more than 3500 students studying medicine at the faculty with 63 years of experience in providing medical education, the university has become a prestigious scientific, educational and medical center of Siberia and Russia.
  • The College strives to provide the quality medical education needed to address the existing and emerging health problems of the population.
  • The hospital, in addition to its wards, accommodated lecture halls, dissecting rooms, and an outpatient department.
  • The medical college provides post graduate education in surgery, medicine, gynaecology and obstetrics

Advantages of MBBS at Kemerovo State Medical College

  • On-campus Central Scientific Library Research-Laboratory 1987
  • Social -cultural centre and information
  • Own Graduate Employment Promotion Center
  • Department of Licensing. Accreditation and Education Quality Management
  • Postgraduate training since 1996

Faculties of Kemerovo State Medical College

Kemerovo State University Russia has seven faculties with more than 3500 students studying medicine at the faculty. With 63 years of experience in providing medical education, the university has become a prestigious scientific, educational and medical centre of Siberia and Russia.

Hostel And Accommodation at Kemerovo State Medical College

  • Komerovo State Medical University Hostel provide students with the most comfortable living structure and healthy meals.
  • The Komerovo State Medical University Official Website offers students a Komerovo State Medical University Application form for students interested in admission to this university
  • All the hostels have food facilities and canteens.
  • There are separate hostels for boys and hostels for girls.
  • This reputed institute has rooms for all the graduate students.
  • Currently, the hostel can accommodate all students.
  • There is also a separate dining hall.
  • These include separate hostels with adequate beds for girls and boys, a mess facility and a canteen with healthy food.
  • The hostel management is providing a hot water facility in every room in campus.
  • The students will get 24 hours Wi-Fi facility in the campus.
  • All the facilities are cost-effective in campus.
  • The hostel is 24/7 under CCTV security

Why MBBS in Russia?

There are many countries that provide MBBS courses such as Bangladesh then why one should go to Russia the reason are given below:

  • MCI & WHO Approved Universities
  • Tuition Fee Less than 3Lac per Year
  • No Donation & No Entrance Test
  • No IELTS & TOEFL Required
  • Courses are available in Medicine & Dental
  • Studies and lectures will be in English only
  • Top Notch Medical College Infrastructure
  • Students can practice anywhere in the world including India after clearing the screening exam.
  • Each year thousands of Indian Students choose to study MBBS in these countries
  • Friendly Environment and Indian Cuisines are quite popular in these countries

Benefits of Study MBBS in Russia

  • Affordable tuition fees. No need to pay donations to ensure admission. The colleges will give their fees for each year for the courses.
  • Medical universities in Russia are properly recognized by MCI, WHO, and the others and experienced faculties to aid students anytime welcoming those around who appreciate the education.
  • The best MCI accredited institutions in Russia offer merging of cultures and sharing of cultural values in addition to numerous educational facilities.
  • Accommodation facilities are provided on campus and off campus that meets all the living standards. There are hostels of international standards for international students.
  • The syllabus and subjects taught will be the same as that of other countries. The entire portion will be covered as others.

Our Assistance for MBBS Admission in Kemerovo State Medical College

  • Copies of international passport and academic certificates (translated and certified)
  • Documents confirming previous level of education
  • Health fitness certificate
  • Duly filled admission form

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