About Us


Choosing a career or what is best for your future leads to perfect life and we will have to create it ourselves. A perfect life never comes itself and is always accompanied by hurdles and barriers that we will have to face alone. But to chase your dream career we will have to wisely overcome all the hurdles and barrier by seeking right guidance or by a counsellor. To choose a right career we have to keep the market in mind and addition to that, selection of right education institution is equally important.
Looking at the current situation, where everyone wants to aspire to become a scholar or nothing less which does not suit their reputation. Every student is confused about which career to choose that would help them excel in life. They would have to study the market, take reviews, do lot of research about their preferred subject or the goal they have towards becoming an established person.
We, at Education Consultancy, understand these situations of students and thus we have career counsellors who would test them on three factors of aptitude, interest and personality. As we say that Education has no age and boundaries, we make sure to give you the best service and quality guidance. We discuss your needs and few formalities has to be completed like documents to apply for suitable university or help to apply for study loan, travel abroad, visa and passport requirements etc.

Why Choose Education Consultancy ?

It is important to help parents, students, and the organizations with Educational planning and so Education Consultancy is important and independent consultant. It was found in the year 2011 and since then we have been recognized as the only consultancies for career counselling for students and known for working with top universities in Georgia, Ukraine, and Republic of Moldova. Our main branch is in Georgia. Helped about 400 students to secure their admission with top universities. Mr. Achal and Ms. Priya Vyas are two members who provide service and guidance.

  • An Award winning Consultancy
  • Experienced professionals in all field
  • The only Consultancy to provide accurate information

How do we do this ?

  • We visit different countries and their top universities to understand their pattern.
  • Interacting with Deans, Lecturers about their teaching methods.
  • To check facilities and amenities provided to students who choose the programme.
  • Interacting with students who come from abroad to study to get an overview and rank the institution accordingly.
  • Name owned for genuine work by giving right information and not by over charging the students.
  • Gained reputation in short span of time.
  • We try to get more and more universities and tie up with them for Indian students, aiming to help them for better future and to become doctors in India.

Our Services


We provide counselling Services to students in respect of career and academics. Our goal is to guide you through the admission process.


Confused what course to opt for after your schooling or graduation. Our goal is to guide and help you in selecting appropriate career.


There is a lot of confussion while selecting the university or college for better studies. Our goal is to make you apply for the best education.


Application and documentation is a hectic process. We make it a simple process by guiding you every requirements and where to apply.


If you already opted for a course and want to have further education in its brances, we provide proper guidance for various branches.


Want to go abroad for higher studies and apply for best colleges and university, we provide guidance regarding foreign Education.

We provide services to students and parents by helping them selecting the right institution and with the documentation needed to apply for admission and visa process just to avoid any hassle during the process.

  • We provide services to students and parents by helping them selecting the right institution and with the documentation needed to apply for admission and visa process just to avoid any hassle during the process.
  • Education Consultancy guides you regarding the education system in abroad.
  • Education Consultancy provides awareness about the rules and regulations before applying to any foreign institute and help you with the application requirements and invitation letter.
  • Education Consultancy evaluates your academic documents to make sure that they are as per the norms specified by the University where you have applied.
  • Education Consultancy makes sure that you are been provided with the best institute or University as per your choice and within your budget.
  • Legal procedures are been fulfilled by the Education Consultancy, like attestation, legalization and translation by the required authorities.
  • Education Consultancy also provides best advice and support for education loans from Banks according to your needs.
  • Education Consultancy also helps in all the arrangements right from the departure of the students till they reach to the University. They help all the students who have recruited with us in a group and prepare accordingly.
  • Education Consultancy guides you with the airport embarkation and immigration clearance formalities.
  • Education Consultancy has associates who would receive you at the destination Airport and they will also escort you till the academy.
  • Education Consultancy´s Team helps you with the accommodation and its registration.
  • Education Consultancy´s Team helps you in final documentation in the University.
  • You get complimentary SIM card of the country courtesy by Education Consultancy to help staying in touch with the family in India and communicate.
  • Our associates help you in obtaining Certificate of Equivalency, Visa Extension, Library Membership Card etc.
  • Education Consultancy provides assistance for whole of the study period by coordinating with the University (if required).
  • Education Consultancy Provides Free Online Mci Coaching From First To Last Year For Every Student.
  • Education Consultancy Provides Free Medical Terminology Classes Before They Departure For Every Students.
  • Education Consultancy Provides Free Observationship (Hospital Training) In India During Vacation Period For Each Student.